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Installing a 3.5'' IDE disk in a USB2/Firewire external case

As always, I'll accept no responsibility if anything should happen to your machine after following my instructions!

Why do this?

For different reasons:

1) I happened to have a 60 GB IDE disk and I wished to be able to connect it to my IBook as well as to other machines.
2) Buying this external case will enable me to work on the hard drives of machines in a bad shape.

This said, I had the choice between several cases and I took this 100 Euro disk at Eurodiks (June 13, 2003) I took the usb2/firewire version, thinking I could also use it on older IMacs.

You will ask me why a 3.5'' and not a 5 1/4'' case that could hold a burner or anyhing else inside?

Well, for two reasons:

1) Size
2) Noise. Indeed, the 3.5'' version has an external power supply with no fan.


Here it is on the left! Next to it, the disk to be installed, the firewire cable and the external power supply.

Above, you can see a bit of keyboard, the cord of the power supply and a G4 foot :-)

Only the usb cable, also provided with the case, can't be seen.


The "Thing" seen from the back.

The yellow arrows point at the two screws to be removed.
The blue arrows point at the firewire sockets
On their right, the usb socket, the main switch, the power socket and pointed out by the white arrow, a hole for the cooling.


Once the two srews out, you can slide away the left part from the right one.

->The yellow arrows point at the power connector (the one above) and the IDE connector (the one under).

The blue arrow points at the two sets of screws provided with the case and the rubber pads to be stuck.

The white arrow points at the missing fan :-)

The small sachet is a silicagel one to be thrown away of course.


Of course the disk must be set to master (yellow arrows)

The blue arrows point at the former main screws.


I slide the front of the disk under the flap of the front panel and I connect the IDE (yellow arrow) and the power connectors (blue arrow).


The yellow arrows point to the four screws that fix the disk.

The blue one points to the power cord of the front panel led that should be set aside so that it won't be damaged while installing the disk.


The blue arrow points to power cord of the led that has been put back into its place, the yellow arrow points to the IDE connector that must be carefully folded or simply fixed so that it won't be damaged while sliding the cover back into place when closing the box...


Here is the thing closed again with a CD on top of it just to figure out its size.
The case is an aluminum one and I find it quite nice.

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