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Repairing an second generation iPod's audio jack connector

As usual, I cannot be responsible for any damage to your machines when you will experiment the following tutorial.

The unlucky man which in the past gave me its ipod 5 gigas has no chance at all with the iPod family.

This time, on its new 20G machine, the headset works/does not work, depending on how the audio jack is plugged into the iPod.

As another headset repeats the same problem, I conclude that the audio jack connector of the iPod was the culprit!


As usual, power off the machine and lock it (Hold button).

On the picture, the 20 Giga iPod under, its 5 Giga brother above

-> we can see there is a stopper on the FW port, the metallic cover is more complete -> less easy to dismount :-(

One can see the break in jack plug.


Once the cover has been unhooked and the armoring put away (yellow arrows), one can remote the battery (sorry no picture of this step) by unhooking it from its connector (right above on the picture).

Then remove the hard disk connector (blue arrow).


The hard disk on the right, its protective cockle on the left.


The arrow points to the blue protection shield.

One has to slide the connector in the slot to be allowed to remove it.


Then next two "torx 6" screws to be removed (yellow arrows).

They are hide by the ribbon.


The last 4 ones.


On the electronic circuit extracted from the iPod, the "cage" wrapping the two connectors has to be unwelded.

The yellow arrows show two weld spots on this face.


Another view, the yellow arrow pointing to the battery's connector.


The battery on the extreme left. The yellow arrows show the last two weld spots of the connectors "cage".


We are not forced to unweld the spots, but it prevents us for damaging the metallic circuit of the board.

The audio jack plug is clearly the culprit: the plug is only clamped by two spots, none of them being one of the signal conductings.

-> we have to make the weld spots again on both sides of of the plug: 5 on each side... but only 3 of the 10 spots are really in use.

I had to use my 15W blowtorch... my 30W one having too big paws.


Same on the other side (yellow arrow, 5 weld spots to be set): but here the accessibility is greater!

The blue arrow shows a badly removed weld spot: it has to be carefully cleaned.

The white arrow points to the break in the audio jack plug -> cyanocrylic glue or similar heavy duty glue ;-).

As usual, follow the instruction above in a reverse order to rebuild the iPod.

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