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"ROS MOTOR" problems on a 8500 LaserWriter (light version)

As usual, I cannot be responsible for any damage to your machines when you will experiment the following tutorial

The problems:


No more way to print:

1) an "ROS motor" error is displayed
2) the jam and the "load paper" lights are blinking.

This problem was solved a long time ago, -> the quality of the snapshots is not so impressive ;-) and the title of this document comes from a layout made to promote the "gete.net" website...


The problem is issued from a contact which, theoritically, has to be done by the cartridge's small nail (lowest yellow arrow) onto the switch (highest yellow arrow).

-> several solutions:

1) remplace the switch: cost money
2) add a thickness onto the cartridge's contact nail: same operation to be done for each new cartridge???
3) add a thickness under the switch itself.


I decide to put extra thicknesses under the switch (see yellow arrows to locate where I put the thicknesses).

I do not detail how to dissamble the printer and to extract the culprit switch: it is a long procedure... and my camera ran out of power supply ;-)...


I take the switch's footprints onto carboard and cut out two thicknesses...


...on which I have to make holes for the screws and spurs!


The shims pointed by the arrow when the switch is back in place.

Even if it is difficult to dissamble (and re-asemble) the machine, the small pieces of cardboards helps you to nearly save 250 euros!

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