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Is there a way to repare a dual iBook dead power supply? (light version)

As usual, I cannot be responsible for any damage to your machines when you will experiment the following tutorial.

I receive a so-called dead power of supply extracted from an iBook. Why is it dead ? We do not know. Nothing externally visible on the contrary of

this clamshell iBook dead power supply
or this dead Pismo voltage transformer. (this one only in french)

-> we open the defective supply.


First difficulty: no screw... all is glued!

And on such beautiful bright white cover, every attemp to force the cover leaves a mark :-(

Through the plastic, we can imagine the extreme compactness of the components.

Caution: in the foreground, a big capacitor which may still be in charge, even if the supply is unplugged from the wall.


Moreover, the cover is sticked onto the armoring/cooling metallic piece of the power supply ;-)

The blue arrow points to the glue, the yellow one shows the damage we made when forcing the aperture.


By removing a cruciform screw, we can try to extract the armoring shield.


This shield has to be ripped off. We see (yellow arrows) that it had been very hot inside!

The blue arrow shows the cables support.


Another spot of fire (yellow arrow) and we also see (blue arrow) that the manufacturer has stock options in glue plants ;-)


Yes, it had been a very hot party inside :-(

Too hot to try something...

So I decide to extract the (Apple proprietary system) cable and its connector... after checking that this cable was not the origin of the accident!

Unfortunately, we cannot succeed in all the repairs ;-)