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Welding of the internal power connector of a Titanium DVI Powerbook

Tête Francis Vermeire
Francis Vermeire


As usual, I cannot be responsible for any damage to your machines when you will experiment the following tutorial.

Brought to us by Francis Vermeire, informatic consultant (isolutions, garagesuperband): I'm happy to welcome here.

This connector had a bad electrical contact. The ring turns off or switches to green depending on the manipulation we performed on the connector.

I rapidly test the Francis's Ti transformer into Michel's Ti: no problem.
Francis, who rapidly needs a full serviceable machine, decides to make the reparation: here's the story.

As usual, shutdown the machine, remove the power cable and the battery. The Ti's bottom cover is to be removed like in http://www.sterpin.net/tivga.htm. (only in french)


The yellow arrow points to the power connector. People who is familiar to this kind of machine directly sees that, on the contrary to the Ti VGA, the connector is placed on separate support card.
This allow the official Apple's repairmen to change this piece without risk to damage the mother board..."They" fear to use a blowtorch ;-).


The following pictures have been updated after the welding process (see the molten varnish around the welding spots).
The yellow arrow point to the Torx screws to be removed. The blue one shows the connector to be unhooked.


The same material from another view... the yellow arrows show the welding spots.


The connector support card out of the Ti.


Yellow arrows indicate the power connections. The blue one shows a welding spot which glues the connector onto the support card.


Wow! A Weller blowtorch... Francis has a good material :-)
As usual, follow the instructions above in a reverse order to rebuild the machine.

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