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Repair the connector of the ibook clamshell's power supply 2, there are several models :-( (light version)

Warning : I decline all responsibilities in the event of problem following handling

This repair applies to some types of transformer for ibook clamshell and powerbook. I already explained this type of repair in another file. But I met another type of adaptater. This file is a complement of the previous article. Please refer to it.


The yellow arrow points the revealing black task. The blue arrow point the unsoldered small component.


The opening is made first and we can see a trace of cut (yellow arrow).


It's not very easy to open it.


We must cut the unusable cable. The yellow arrow indicates the place where that the cable heated. The card jack is an ibook's internal connector (provided by Christine from Powerbook-Fr list).


I had to cut the cable to avoid the poor contacts. In white and black, two pieces of heat-shrinkable sheaths.


The black heat-shrinkable sheath (yellow arrow) was put on the bonding strip. The white one (blue arrow) is not it yet.


The weldings and the sheaths are made. :-)

But it's not OK: that does not pass. :-(


All is unmade. The complete opening is even necessary. The card jack is embedded in his support by hot adhesive (yellow arrow). It's necessary to scrape this adhesive and to withdraw it by small pieces until being able to give off the card and their connectors.


Then, the weldings are remade (as indicated in the preceding article). And the adapter to go up. Unfortunately, with multiple disassemblings and assemblies, the leg ofthe component broke with short-nap cloth
-> it will be necessary to make without.


Tools used: in top the soldering iron, just below, of the tools of model makers who were used to me to scrape the adhesive (you can also require of her dentist if he doesn't have tools broken to sell or give). A fine cutter, a good small cutting pliers and an hot-adhesive's mini-gun.

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