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Replacing an desktop G4 internal fan by a noiseless one (Enermax UC-12FAB model) light version

As usual, I cannot be responsible for any damage to your machines when you will experiment the following tutorial.

It is the follow-up file of silence in the gigabit G4 (only in french). Noise was still too loud, so I decide to replace one of the most noisy piece of a computer: the fan

I choose the Enermax UC-12FAB model, even if it is not the most quiet modell, but because I can change its speed through a potentiometer..and because this model is easy to find ;-)

However, its price can vary from simple to double: so several phone calls to retailers can lower the bill !

([UPDATE] 17 December 2003) On the other side, here is a comparison between 27 fans (of 120 mm diameter): http://www.materiel.be/refroid/120mmfans_2/page1.php

I remove the fan's support as in silence in a B/B G3 points 3, 4, 5 and 6.


Before removing the culprit, I had tested the CPU temperature (ThermoInDock software for X or GaugePro for OS 9 and earlier).
This temperature raised up to 40 Celsius degrees just before I operate the fan.


Oncee the fan removed, I put my little home-made noise reducers.


And the new beast. Power will be taken on the hard disk connector.

I do not use the original screws to fix it back but I use nylon screws (thanks John): this kind of screws less transmit vibrations.

I set up the potentiometer for the fan to maintain an internal temperature of 35 Celsius degrees. -> not only is this fan really noiseless but it cools the machine better than the Apple original one!

So, I also shutdown my Radeon graphic card fan.
What a difference!!!
Well this G4 is still noisy compared to my iBook; but now it is tolerable.

As usual, follow these steps in a reverse order to rebuild the G4.

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